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Africa bound for 7 weeks!

so many lekgoa

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I know its been such a long time since I last posted a blog but I didn’t have internet.  So last time I blogged I had seen gangrene, and then we didn’t have school on Thursday or Friday so we went out both of those nights and then left for Mochudi on Saturday.  We had to meet at 9 in the morning on Saturday for the hour drive to the village. Mochudi technically is a village but actually has 40,000 residents. But it really is a village. As we drove into town we passed the “mall” and it really was only 3 shops, one being a grocery store. The grocery stores do not guarantee that they have everything in stock so sometimes they aren’t very helpful. Anyways we drove around and dropped every single person off at their houses which seriously took 2 hours. I was the 3rd to last person to be dropped off so I got dropped off around 1 on Saturday. My host sister met me at the door. Her name is Motlapele and she is 18. She took me to meet my mother and brother and the general shop that they own. A general shop is like a tiny shop where the owner sells common household goods and some food and some meat. I don’t know my host mother’s name as I had to call her Mma Bokole, which means Mrs. Bokole. The brother I met was 26 and his name was Tshepo. He is unemployed so he helped my mom in the shop but most of the time he acted as the cook and maid for the family. He cooked almost all of the meals and washed all of the dishes as my host mother stayed in the shop from 7:30am – 7:30 pm.  My host father is a pastor at the Spiritual Healing Church.

So on Saturday after I hung out with my mom at the shop for awhile, my sister took a bath and then took me to the shops. We went to one grocery store to get the groceries for the week. The first grocery store that we went to did not have milk or cheese so we left and went to another grocery store. It did have cheese and milk so got all of our groceries and went back to the house. I finally met my host father who I was informed to call Bishop Bokole. My brother cooked dinner and we ate dinner without my parents. My host father is seriously the pickiest African I have ever met and did not eat red meat, spaghetti, macaroni, etc.. so my mom always made him a separate meal of soft porridge. On Sunday I was woken up at 7:30 to go to church.  The women all wear a special outfit to church and must cover their heads. So I had to tie a scarf around my head and was not allowed to cross my legs. Luckily some other people in my program also attend the same church so we sat together. Well the girls sat together because the men, children, teenagers, and women all sit separately. The service was entirely in Setswana and lasted 4 hours. I then had to stay another hour for my brothers choir practice and finally we walked back to the house.  The music at the church was gorgeous. There are no instruments just voices and everyone knows how to harmonize. I was in awe just listening to the congregation sing. Even though I couldn’t understand anything, it was the most beautiful worship music I have ever heard.

Now let me explain that when we walk places, we don’t walk on sidewalks or roads. The only paved road is the main road and there is not a single sidewalk in all of Mochudi. So we literally walked on sand everywhere. There also are no street lights so it is always extremely dark. Its pitch black and you aren’t supposed to use a flashlight or your phone cause then you are extremely likely to get robbed. That’s the other thing. I never felt safe in Mochudi.  I was always scared I was gonna get mugged.

The other problem with Mochudi is that a lot of people have never seen a white person before so they literally just yell lekgoa which means white person. And they continually yell that at us when we walk by or instead of learning our names they call us that. So that is extremely frustrating and at my clinic the nurses just called us that instead of learning  our names, and they refused to speak to us in English.  I am not just being selfish by saying that because English in the National language along with Setswana. All classes from 3rd grade are taught only in English so everyone basically knows English.

The other issue I had in Mochudi was that my host sister, Motlapele, wasn’t very nice to me. She constantly made fun of me in Setswana and laughed at me. We had to share a bed which would not have been bad but every single night she talked on the phone in a loud voice to a guy on speaker phone from 12am-1am and then again from 430-530am. And I get up at 6 everyday so I basically was awake at 430 everyday. On Thursday she literally locked me inside the house, by myself, for 4 hours while she went to see her boyfriend. So I watched tv all day. And most of the time when we watch tv at the house we watched Emmanual tv which is all about healing. So basically this prophet, TB Joshua, and his blessed followers healed people in the NAME OF JESUS by hitting people on the head. Totally reminded me of my father except for that this was supposedly real but I had a hard time believing it. Also my phone got stolen. It fell out of my pocket while I was taking my jacket off and someone took it. Phones are stolen here out of people’s pockets so im just glad I wasn’t mugged.

On Friday we got a lucky break when Batsi, our program director, told us the program had bought us all tickets for the Botswana National Futball Team, The Zebra’s, game. So we had to ride the public bus from Mochudi to Gaborone which was only 8 Pula which is only 1 US dollar. That was super fun and Botswana beat Chad 1-0. We then took the bus back to Mochudi, spent the night, got woken up at 12 and 4:30 for the usual phone calls and finally got back to Gaborone. I seriously have never been soo happy to be back and I absolutely missed my host family here. They are soo awesome.  SO that is all for now. I know that it is extremely long but seriously this is the shortened version.

We are going to Victoria Falls on Friday and I cannot wait. Then its 5 days til I fly back to the states!

so many lekgoa

Never thought I’d see that til med school..

so where to begin. on monday i went back to the clinic and was supposed to observe the clinic doctor that day. but she never showed up. apparently she always makes up some type of excuse when she has to work at phase 2 clinic and never shows up. so instead I spent some time in the baby weighing room. i didnt think that i was gonna be really shocked in this room because literally all they do is weigh babies. well technically they weigh children between birth and 5 years old. well to my surprise, the first child comes in and the mom starts taking all the clothes off of the child. and then she pulls out this weird bag looking thing. then the child steps into this bag looking thing. its almost like a little sling. there are two holes for the legs to go through and then two straps that the arms go in. and then they hang the child (literally) in the bag from a spring scale. they literally put the child on a hook to weigh it. most of the babies are used to it but some really scream at the top of their lungs and who wouldnt when your in a bag hanging from a hook? 

and then after i got tired of watching that, as cute as it was, i went to the wound dressing room. mostly they just bandage minor cuts and scratches. we had one little boy who just had stitches taken out that we bandaged. and we also had a women who had surgery and part of her incision sight had busted open just a little bit. and then this precious old man shuffled into the room. he was walking extremely slowing and with a cane. and the nurse in the room turned to me and said “youre gonna want to see this.” so of course i stayed. and he took off his slipper and she began to unwrap his “wound.” so when she finally unwrapped it this repulsive, extremely disgusting smell immediately filled the room. and the nurse said “can you smell that?” and i said yes and then she responded “thats rotting flesh. take a look.” so i went to look at his foot and to my horror the back of his foot , like his entire heel, was rotting. and the very edge of the infection was green, the middle was yellow, and the very inner part of it was flesh. needless to say this man had gangrene. yeah im not joking at all, he had gangrene on his foot. and all the clinic had been doing was bandaging his wound every other day. so needless to say i freaked out and asked the nurse why this man wasnt at the hospital. she told me that he had to wait to see the doctor the next day. 

so the next day i was going to observe the doctor and when he got there i mentioned this man to him and told him that i really thought he needed to go to the hospital. so finally at like 10:00 the little old man came shuffling in and i pointed him out to the doctor. the doctor finally looked at the man’s foot and was shocked at the condition of the foot and immediately told the man he had to go to the hospital. luckily for this man, he could still move his toes and still had a pulse in the top of his foot which meant it wasnt dead. so most likely they will operate and remove most of the rotting skin and pump serious antibiotics into his system through an IV.  if that doesnt work then they will amputate probably up to the knee. i seriously never though i would see gangrene before i went to medical school. so that was actually really really cool. the only bad part about it was the smell. 

right now im at mugg and bean with my friend jessica. we got off from the clinic early because we got finished counting pills. in the morning we either observe nurses or a doctor and then at 1 we get an hour for lunch. we normally just walk to square mart which is probably like a mile from the clinic. then when we get back from lunch we have to work in the “pharmacy” counting pills and putting them in bags. you cannot even imagine how cheap the medication is here. penicillin is like 3 dollars for 30 pills. its amazing!! but anyways jessica and i are supposed to be doing work so i probably should go and do that. we leave this saturday to go to Mochudi. It is a village like 30 minutes from here but is not what we think of as an African village. It has 40,000 residents, electricity, and running water but no internet. so i will not have internet starting this saturday until sunday the 11th. we have decided as a group to celebrate the 4th of July by making smores over a bonfire so we are really looking forward to that. 

well let me go and finish my work. love you all. cant wait for some sweet tea and corn on the cob! 

ke twsa ko…. USA!!!

so where to begin. lets see last i talked to yall i had been working at the clinic. We have class on thursday and friday instead of working at the clinic. sitting in class from 8-5 everyday isnt really that much fun. Although we do have our Setswana classes on those days as well which i do love! but as I mentioned earlier, we were planning on going to rustenburg this past weekend in order to go to the fan park to watch the USA-Ghana game. well on friday morning, we finally figured out how we would get there. one of the host mom’s had a connection to the US embassy and reached out to them. and one of their workers owns a tour company. so this man offered to drive us in a private khombi (bus) to the game and back for only 250 pula each. so that was super cheap compared to what we had been planning to pay. so we finally got our ride figured out and one of us went on the FIFA website to find the directions to the fan park. well while we were on there, we stumbled onto the fact that there were tickets left to the game. so on FRIDAY afternoon, seriously friday AFTERNOON, we all made accounts with FIFA and bought tickets to the WORLD CUP GAME!!!! the internet was really slow at the university, as it usually is, so i had to call my parents at 6 in the morning and wake them up. then i gave them all the information and they went on and got our tickets for us! so in the span of about 3 hours, we figured out our ride to the game and then miracously found tickets to the USA-Ghana game. Now imagine my excitement that 1.) i was going to a world cup game and 2.) i was going to watch the USA play. i was sooo excited all day.

   so saturday we woke up and left at 10 in the morning. it took us like 2 1/2 hours to get to Rustenburg. when we finally got there, we had to go to this mall to get our tickets from an official ticketing station which was also super exciting. then we all ate lunch at the mall and made our way to the parking. so everyone that attends the game has to park super far away and then take taxis to the stadium and then do the same thing on the way back. well somehow when we turned into the area to park, this man who works for FIFA offered us VIP parking in exchange for a beer. so we gave him a beer and then some extra money to get another beer and he gave us VIP parking. like legit VIP parking. we literally parked right beside the stadium and barely had to even walk to the stadium. it was soo awesome. so when we parked, we all painted our faces  and headed to the stadium! when we got there we found our seats which we expected to be in the nose bleed section but turned out to be super awesome! you know how at basketball games, its almost better to sit on the second level so you can see everything? well that is exactly what happened with our seats. we were on the second level but had super awesome seats and could see the whole field. it was honestly so great. and then when the teams came out, everyone went CRAZY. the people 2 seats down from us turned out to be from Charlotte, NC! what a small world! so we all were screaming like crazy USA! USA! USA! and then we all got super quiet to sing the national athem. that was probably my favorite part of the night. everyone was singing the national anthem at the top of their lungs and we were sooo proud to be from the United States. Mind you, we lost the game but it was still the most amazing experience ever! I am soo thankful that i actually got to go and will seriously never forget it! and now I want Ghana to win the whole thing! so yeah. i finally got back to my house at 330 last night and was super exhausted but it was totally worth it.

now im gonna finish up some work and go to sleep since i have to work at the clinic tomorrow. that means that i have to be up at 6! check out facebook because i just upload a ton of new pictures! miss you all!

house in botswana and a few pictures from Mokolodi


so today i observed the doctor that works with all of the HIV positive patients at Phase 2 clinic. Basically all he did with the patients today was follow up with the most recent blood work they had done. He looked at their CD-4 and viral counts. Then he wrote them prescriptions for either 2, 3, or 6 months depending how far along they are in the process.  So that part was going smoothly when an emergency case came in. The nurse came into the doctors office and told him there was a patient who had become numb from the waist down. So when we finally got time and went to the room to see the patient, it wasnt at all what we expected. The woman lying on the bed was the skinniest person i have ever seen in my life. not in a omg shes skinny kind of way. but oh my God she is literally starving to death. She is in her early 20s and suffering from AIDS. She came in because her body had become to weak to move. She could lift her knees off the bed but could not lift her ankles off of the bed. She could not turn over on her own and needed help to turn over or shift her weight in the bed. There to help her was her grandmother, who carried who 20 yr old grandmother around on her back since she could no longer walk. so the doctor begins to examine this woman we realized just how deathly skinny she was. Her hips were a good 1.5 inches above where her stomach was and between each rib her skin hung because there was no fat to support it. i also could wrap my hand around the top of her arm where the arm meets the shoulder. Her blood pressure was 90/70 which is not good and so the doctor decided to send her to the hospital. but first he was going to insert an IV in order to pump fluids into her system. well the problem with that is, her body was too weak to support her veins and her veins all collapsed. the doctor was attempting blinding, meaning he couldnt even see any veins he was just searching for them with a needle. and when he the veins in both her arms collapsed he moved to her jugular. He tried to a line in on both sides of her neck and those veins collapsed. so then we couldnt do anything for her and just sent her to the hospital. 

  it honestly was the saddest, most heartbreaking thing i have ever seen or experienced. there was a girl lying on a bed that was my age and was literally starving to death. because of her condition, she could only tolerate eating raw tomatoes, which do not provide much nutrition and so she was dying. her grandmother, bless her heart, waited on her hand and foot. she comforted her granddaughter when she got upset in the doctors office. it was heartbreaking to watch this unfold. her grandmother also explained to us, that in order for her granddaughter to use the restroom, she had to carry her there and hold her on the toilet. while we were there, she would turn the granddaughter over to make sure she was comfy and place her head on the pillow so it didnt hurt her. she loved her so much through her actions. and im praying that this little girl and her grandmother dont hurt for much longer. cause i know that they are hurting now. 

now onto to happier things. i forgot to mention on friday that i got to go shopping and of course loved it. im 100% positive that my shopping in failing in comparison to Sarah Anne’s but all i got were authentic African things. which by the way make me happy! and i got a south african JERSEY. which i put on yesterday after our two goals only then to be disappointed. but oh well cause im going to rustenburg THIS weekend to experience the USA game!!!!!!!!! yeah be jealous cause I, Maggie Ruth, get to experience a world cup game! sooooooo excited! 

ok i think that is all for now. im tired and actually need to do more work. see you soon!

ke nale strep throat.

there is a lot to update. Yay for finally having internet again. my host father somehow figured out how to fix the connection so i have internet for now. i do not know how long it will last but i am so thankful that i have it now!  I absolutely watched the game on Friday and hope yall did as well! we watched it at a bar with fellow Americans and it was AMAZING! we all went crazy for that third goal until the jerk of a  ref took it away. cause our player wasnt offsides when he got the ball so we were super pissed. but its fine cause we had tons of fun. then on saturday i got to sleep in and then went on the “safari” with my group. i will def say my first safari was much much better than this one. we didnt see like any animals. all we saw were zebras, antelopes, ostriches, and GIRAFFES!!! at least yay for giraffes! i love them. they are sooo beautiful! but i started running a fever while on the safari so i came home and slept until like 9. then my host sister and i got ready and dressed up and went out to this club with some of the girls from my group. it was soooooooo fun!!! like super fun. my host sister left to go to another club so i stayed with my friends and we danced and drank african cider which is super yummy. we also met these awesome people from here. Guys to be exact. and funny thing is i think i met the most beautiful mixed person ever. His mom is black and from botswana, and his dad is white and from Britian. and of course all the girls were in love with him. he of course paid no attention to us’american girls’ and thought we were super lame. so that was kinda funny.  but the other guys and girls really liked us. and they were white which is interesting since most people who live here and are white moved here and werent born here. so that was super fun. theyre gonna try and help us plan a trip to victoria falls. 

and then sunday i woke up and felt like i had been hit by a truck. i had a super high fever and a super sore throat and my body was killing me. so i woke up took some advil talked to my host mom about how i was feeling bad and when back to sleep. then i woke up again with more fever and decided to get in the bath tub to try to break my fever and it wouldnt work. so i just went back to sleep. so then on monday morning i woke up at 6 because i was supposed to work at the clinic but i still had a really high fever and couldnt swallow or move my next at this point. so i cried a little, yes i know im pathetic, then i called my program director and he came to take me to the doctor. so i went to see the doctor and she was very interesting. she didnt take my temperature, measure my blood pressure, weigh me, take my pulse, or look at my throat. so finally i asked her to look at my throat and then she was ‘oh yeah you have an infection.’ so in american terms i have strep throat. awesome. so she gave me a TON of medicine. i have to 8 pills a day which kinda sucks when its your throat thats hurting. so i started the medicine as soon as i got home, went back to sleep, and then woke up when it was time to take more medicine. then i watched tv all day and finally called my real mom. i did talk to my dad on fathers day to wish him a happy fathers day and to tell him i was feeling bad. so i called my mom to cry and tell her to pray that i would feel better. 

so today (tuesday) i finally do feel better. no more fever, but because i have a really high fever for 3 days i now have fever blisters. which are super embarrassing and painful. and my throat is still very sore but much better than it used to be. and i started working at the clinic which is AMAZING. gosh it totally reassured me that i want to be a doctor. i got to work with all the pregnant women today and absolutely knew that i was going in the right direction. i definitely know that i want to work in maternal and child health care. so i loved it and we got off early which was awesome. they are still very very very much behind our medical advances but its ok. they are getting things done and every citizen here has access to FREE health care. and every person that has HIV/AIDS also gets all of their medication (which is super expensive) for free. so that is awesome. but today when i worked with the pregnant women all we did was weigh them, take their blood pressure, measure the belly, feel the baby with our hands, and listen to the baby with this cup thing. literally its like a tube that you push against the belly and stick your ear up against. we didnt do any ultrasounds and those are very expensive. the women are given 1 free ultrasound that has to be performed at the hospital and most women tend not to go get it. so they just rely on the clinics. also patients are responsible for carrying their medical history around with them at all points. so the women we saw today each a booklet that we fill in with each information from their visit. and they bring that with them each time they come. most women will either deliver their baby at a clinic that has a maternity ward (mine doesnt) or at home. women tend not to go to the hospital to deliver as it is very expensive. so i am totally learning a lot and tomorrow i get to observe the doctor that works with the HIV/AIDS positive patients. the number of people with HIV here is staggering. 1 in 4 people are test positive. but botswana is doing many really good things to help control and decrease that number. like providing the medicine and health care for free. and for supplying couples with free condoms and contraceptives. so they are really trying. 

and now my family and i just got done watching the south africa game. and we are all disappointed cause south africa needed to win by 2 but they didnt so that means we are out of the tournament basically. so yeah now we are kinda upset. but its ok cause there are 2 more games tonight that we are gonna watch. and im trying to upload some pictures to facebook but its taking forever. and if it works then i will try to upload some more on there ad then some more on here. we are possibly going to Rustenburg this weekend to go a game. not only that but there are still some tickets available which would be super super awesome!!! so i hope that works out. and then we are definitely going to Victoria Falls the weekend of July 17. and i think i might bungee jump. dont freak out mom and dad its super safe!! so i am super excited about that and hope that trip will actually work out! but im gonna finally work on the tons of homework that i have to do! hopefully i will have internet and will update yall again soon. miss you!

yay weekend!

great news! our afternoon class was canceled today! So we get done with class today at 1230! sooooo excited to have an afternoon free! after class we are going to go to riverwalk (which is a mall) and shop! they have the cutest handmade shoes, dresses, and jewelry! so totally excited about that. and we are gonna go to this bar at 4 to watch the USA game! Go USA!!! i am pretty disappointed in South Africa cause i really wanted them to go all the way! I am also in search of a south african jersey! so hopefully ill grab one today! i also get to sleep in tomorrow which is also amazing! cause getting up before the sun everyday is getting kinda old. but i do have to admit that i go to bed like everynight at 9:30. i normally get in bed around 8:45 or 9 and then go to sleep at 930. only cause my mom and brother get up at 5 to get ready for the day. 

so in other news, we dont have electricity as i mentioned yesterday. our electricity went out yesterday in the early early morning and it never came back on. ok well thats kinda  a lie cause it came back on for an hour last night around 8:30 so we could watch the beginning of the France-Mexico game. so this morning i slept super late since we didnt have electricity. and normally electricity means no hot water. but when i finally got up, my mom had boiled me water to use in my bath and cooked me breakfast. being the smart woman she is, yesterday she went and bought a counter-top gas stove and lots of candles. so she cooked me eats which i love and i got to have hot chocolate. i love the hot chocolate here! last night we had KFC for dinner which was super good! speaking of good food the meat here is delicious! the beef and chicken is super super good because it is extremely fresh and has no antibiotics or preservatives. it is just super good. ok well minus the ox tongue. that wasnt so good. but last night when we didnt have power my mom sister, brother and i sat on the floor, had a fire in the fireplace, and lit some candles. it was pretty awesome. my dad wasnt home because he was at the goat farm. my families has two farms. one farm has goats, sheep, and chickens. the other farm has cows. and they are planning on moving to their farm house this coming summer. well their summer not ours. 

so basically after my bad day, id had an awesome night with my family and pretty awesome things are happening. i seriously was blessed with a host mom and sister who genuinely care about me and my well being. so that is super awesome. my mom always comes into my room in the morning to make sure im awake and wont be late for class. she is so mad that the electricity is out because that means she cant do anything during the day. but she is very ready to take me to the village to meet her family. she wants her family to meet her “new daughter.” last night she gave me a jacket to wear that is the same jacket as one my sister, thuto, has. she said that way people would know that both of us were her daughters and when we go out as a family she could pick us out of a crowd easily. 

and we get to white coats to the clinic everyday. so basically we are going to look legit at the clinics everyday. and p.s. im super proud of myself for blogging this much. i will try to keep it up. also ill try to upload more pictures. k thats all for now! talk to you soon!

oh what a day

 right now i am in between 2 of my classes. yes i am in class every day from 8-5. seriously. so that is really really frustrating and we had to cancel our trip to rustenburg this weekend so that also really frustrating. last night and this morning were just not so great for me. last night when i got ready to leave the library, it took an hour for the taxi to actually come and so i didnt get home til 7. and then when i get home i heated up my dinner and started to eat. the meat that i was eating had a very very odd texture. and then after i had eaten like 1 piece of it, my mom asked me if i knew what i was eating and i replied no. so then she proceded to tell me that I was eating ox tongue. like legit ox tongue. absolutely disguisting. like the bottom of it was slick and slimy and the top of the meat was super weird texture. and then i just couldnt eat anymore food. seriously. couldnt eat it. and to make it worse, i saw it when my mom bought it and it legit looked like a huge dog tongue. so yeah. and then this morning, we didnt have electricity. since the world cup is in south africa, SA is borrowing electricity from botswana and so therefore each “neighborhood” has to have scheduled blackouts. well this blackout wasnt scheduled so then i didnt have breakfast. so i came to school early, mind you i have to leave my house an entire hour before class to get on schedule. so anyways i left school early so i could get hot chocolate and breakfast from the cafeteria, and when i got there she wouldnt serve me because “i wasnt a student at the university” and when i finally convinced her that i actually was a student, she said “well it doesnt matter anyways cause we dont open til 8:30.” well it was 7;30 and i was pissed. so therefore i didnt have dinner last night or breakfast this morning until tea break at 10:30. so yeah thats whats going on right now. and the internet is super slow here right now. like it took me 1 hour to upload 3 pictures to tumblr right now. not to mention that all blogs and facebook are banned here on campus so we have to go this round about way to get to tumblr and facebook. so yeah. and when you finally do get on tumblr, you can only spend 60 minutes a day on the website. ok so it sounds like i am super frustrated but im actually not. im in a great mood and really like most of the people im with. we are trying to plan trips places so i will keep you updated on that. 

 as for what ive been doing: basically sitting in class all day. I go to class from 8-5 and i have to take a taxi to the Khombi (bus) station, and then a khombi from the station to school. so it takes me about 40 minutes, so i leave my house an hour before i have to be at class. starting on monday, i will be working in the clinic in my neighborhood. i stay at home whenever it is dark because it isnt safe for people to walk around at night. especially if you are white because that signals money. so we have been watching a lot of the world cup which has been awesome and we trying hard to go to a fan park to watch a game. but im about to upload my blog so check that out. but i have to start my last class of the day! 
things are actually extremely cheap here. a coke is less than a dollar and it takes me less than 50 cents to get to school everyday on public transportation. the people here are getting used to us but at first that were super shocked that all these white people here. and they all think we are really rich and that our life is super glamorous. the houses here (ill take a picture of my house pretty soon) are all surrounded by these 6 foot concrete walls that have an electric fence on top of it. they do that so people cant break into their houses or climb over the fence. so that is very interesting. and my family has 3 dogs. but dogs are not pets here. their purpose is to guard the house and normally are treated very well. and you know me, i love dogs and want to play with him but they dont know how to play with humans. and they are skinny. i mean we feed them everyday but 1 dog primarily eats all the food so the other 2 dogs are pretty skinny. 
but now my computer is dying. ill try to upload pictures soon but idk how well it will work. cross your fingers that i dont have ox tongue for dinner tonight!